Monday, 03 October 2022

God's Unfailing Mercies To Us - Part 4

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God's Unfailing Mercies To Us - Part 4

Dear Reader, I bring you warm greetings of Love and Peace in the name of Jesus.

I want to specially congratulate all those who are born in the month of October and rejoice with those of us whose countries received independence in the month October, that the Almighty God will visit us all and change our lives and countries for good in the name of Jesus.

Continuing on the verses of scripture on mercy:

Exodus 31 vs. 7 " The Tabernacle of meeting, the ark of the Testimony and the mercy seat that is on it, and all the furniture of the Tabernacle"
Exodus 34 vs. 7 " Keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, by no means clearing the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children and the children's children to the third and the fourth generation."
Exodus 35 vs. 12 " The ark and its poles, with the mercy seat, and the veil of the covering;"
Exodus 37 vs. 6 " He also made the mercy seat of pure gold; two and a half cubits was its length and a cubit and a half its width."
Exodus 37 vs. 7 " He made two cherubim of beaten gold; he made them of one piece at the two ends of the mercy seat:"
Exodus 37 vs. 8 " One cherub at one end on this side, and the other cherub at the other end on that side. He made the cherubim at the two ends of one piece with the mercy seat."
Exodus 37 vs. 9 " The cherubim spread out their wings above, and covered the mercy seat with their wings. They faced one another; the faces of the cherubim were towards the mercy seat."
Exodus 39 vs. 35 " The ark of the Testimony with its poles, and the mercy seat;"
Exodus 49 vs. 20 " He took the Testimony and put it into the ark, inserted the poles through the rings of the ark, and the mercy seat on top of the ark."

May the Lord visit you with His mercy in the name of Jesus. You are Blessed.

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